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Taking Every Thought Captive

It is in the mind where seeds of destruction are sown. Destruction of families. Destruction of friendships. Destruction of churches. Destruction of lives. The human mind is fertile ground for Satan’s subtle schemes. If he can get us to entertain thoughts … Continue reading

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Parenting an Introverted Child

As my husband and I sat on the beach soaking up the sun on one of our many family beach days, our son, Nathan, ten years old at the time, stood in line 25 yards away at the beachside hotdog stand. We had … Continue reading

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5 Marriage Myths Busted!

Many young people today enter into marriage with an erroneous idea of what marriage is. They marry someone based on feelings of physical attraction or because of a ticking “marriage clock”, having no idea of the self-sacrifice and determination it … Continue reading

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10 Things I Want my Daughter to Know

You are loved and deserving of love. Inner beauty is much more valuable than outward beauty. Doing your best is good enough. You will never regret waiting until marriage for sex, but can never go back if you don’t. A … Continue reading

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What is Christianity About Anyway?

  Many people don’t understand what Christianity is all about. They think it is a restrictive lifestyle of things you cannot do, a standard of behavior that is unattainable, an existence devoid of fun. In reality, Christianity is different than many … Continue reading

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