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Can broken people become effective influencers in the kingdom?: Using our mistakes to guide and encourage others

    Several years ago, as I drew near to the mid-point of my life, I began to wonder whether or not I had used my time on earth effectively. I had come to know Christ at an early age–having … Continue reading

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Disillusionment in marriage: Wanting more out of your husband

  I remember clearly, as a young wife many years ago, struggling with wanting more from my husband. Can anyone else relate? I mean, when I first met him he was a dream come true, “perfectly perfect in every way”. … Continue reading

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So I’m saved…what now?

Once we are saved does it really matter what we do with our lives? I mean, as Evangelicals, we believe the old adage, “Once saved, always saved”, don’t we? We were taught, as the Bible clearly states, “Nothing can pluck you out … Continue reading

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How’s Your Spiritual Fitness?

  I’ve been searching for a while now to find a way to get rid of some unwanted midlife pounds and have tried all the usual avenues with only limited success. But recently, thanks to my innovative and tech saavy … Continue reading

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The 5 Wimpy Habits of Weak-Willed Parents

They have their heads in the sand as to where their teenagers are (especially on weekends!) and who they are with? Parents…do you know where your teenagers are on a given Friday night? Do you know if they are engaged in under-age drinking? … Continue reading

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