Happy New Mama Year! A Fresh Start on Being “All In” for the Kingdom!



Happy New Mama Year! No, that’s not a typo and this isn’t an old post. I realize it’s not January 1st, the time when most people set goals, realign their priorities, and start fresh but, I’m proposing a new time for New Year’s resolutions: the beginning of the school year!

After all, isn’t that when we, as moms, set our schedules, begin new projects, and fill in our calendars with carpool responsibilities, sports practices, music lessons, mama time at the YMCA? Our busy mama year actually begins in August.

So, given that this is a new mama year, I have decided to make some important changes in my life right now–no need to wait for actual New Year’s Day! I began considering these changes when my pastor preached a message this summer on being “all in” for the kingdom of God. He challenged the congregation to give up half-hearted Christianity and to enthusiastically engage with God’s mission in the world. He’s a fire lightin’ pastor, and it sure lit mine!

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I will say “yes” to every opportunity  presented to me, which will inevitably lead to over-commitment and eventual exhaustion! Nor does it mean that I will spend 40 hours a week at church pulling weeds and stacking chairs! It may include more involvement at church but, it’s really about our engagement with God’s mission in our homes, our communities, and the world at large. If your church is so engaged, then it is on point and you are blessed!

Here are some of my mama’s new year resolutions:

  1. I will be all in using my talents and spiritual gifts for the kingdom.
  2. I will be all in helping to meet needs in my local community and my circle of influence.
  3. I will be all in regarding my personal relationship with Jesus Christ–consistently nurturing it by spending time in His Word and in prayer.
  4. I will be all in as a source of spiritual support and encouragement for my husband and children.
  5. I will be all in as I strive for better health and more energy through greater discipline and consistency in my personal life.

Moms, won’t you join me in making some much needed changes this year? You are here for a purpose. God wants to use you for his glory. You have a part to play in his mission in the world. If you are a mama of little ones, then there is no mission of greater importance. Perhaps you can rededicate yourself to that holy task. And for those of us who have children leaving the nest faster than you can say “See you at Christmas!”–we now have some extra time to give. No more bench-warming, pew-sitting, or standing on the sidelines! This year, let’s be all in for the kingdom of God!

Happy New Year!

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I am a southern wife and mom who loves reading, music, studying the Bible, and playing a game of tennis now and then. I also enjoy spending time at the beach and have amassed quite a seashell collection. I love all things southern: sweet tea, magnolia trees, comfort food and entertaining. I live in awe of what my Savior has done for me and desire to share spiritual encouragement with others.
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