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Shooting the Rapids: Navigating Life’s Ups and Downs

  Wow! What an exciting few months we’ve had around our house! We found out our oldest son and daughter-in-law are having our very first grandchild– a boy! Shortly after that, our middle son got engaged to a beautiful and … Continue reading

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Apathy: The Scourge of Modern Christian Culture

  Dear fellow Christian, Are you excited about the things of God? Are you actively searching for those you can touch with God’s love and message? Do you itch with anticipation as you look forward to spending time devouring God’s … Continue reading

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How to Live in Victory and Peace

Does this sound like you? I know Jesus Christ and that he died to save me from my sin. I believe he is the Son of God. I have accepted his gift of forgiveness. I know that the only way to … Continue reading

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What’s Up With Prayer?

  To some people, the idea of prayer sounds mysterious and other-worldly…sort of like a fairytale. I mean can we really talk to God? The God of the universe? The God who leveled cities, flooded the entire earth, and breathed … Continue reading

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