Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Well, spring has sprung. It’s the end of April, and we all know what that means: Mother’s Day is fast approaching. I know that soon there will be an inquiry or two from my kiddos (and husband, who still lovingly gets me a present from him even though I am not his mother) as to what I would like for Mother’s Day this year.

I decided I would write a post about this topic since at least 15% of my grown kids and their spouses read my blog posts (insert sarcastic emoji here) so there is a pretty good chance they may see it. Yes, I am an optimist.

I am currently into watching and feeding birds in my yard and have a much too extensive collection of bird feeders! I blame COVID. It was during the lockdown that I began watching birds, having nothing else to do and nowhere to go! It can be expensive to keep all those feeders full of birdseed. My friend recently told me birdwatching is the #1 sign that you are getting old—she’s probably right. Anyway, in the last few years, bird feeders, birdhouses, bird books, and bird paintings, have consistently been on my gift wish list. Last Christmas, my sweet husband, thinking he was on the right track, ordered a wearable hummingbird feeder helmet with camera—I kid you not! The feeder extends from the plastic face shield and apparently, the wearer is to sit outside and wait (potentially for hours) until a hummingbird comes. There are several problems with this: It is 90 degrees in Florida most of the year, I have tried hummingbird feeders before with little success, I refuse to look that ridiculous—even in my own backyard. The helmet was quickly returned.

Another of my hobbies is reading. I love books from many different genres. I especially enjoy historical fiction and Christian fiction, but also love biography and other non-fiction. I always have a book on my nightstand and must have a book in my travel bag on any trip we take. I love to highlight books I am reading, so that I can remember the important or pivotal parts of the story or quickly find excerpts I want to share with my husband. He’s always so thrilled for me to read to him, especially about the life of Queen Elizabeth or how to improve communication in marriage (again, insert sarcastic emoji here). When I finish a book I am always a little sad knowing that the story is finished and it may be a few days before I can dive into another tome. I wonder if anyone else feels this way? Thank goodness for Amazon and overnight shipping! Anyway, a book is always a great gift for me.

Having retired from teaching, I do have time these days to go to my local day spa for a massage, pedicure or facial. Any mom would appreciate a gift card for one of these services, including yours truly. In general, I am low maintenance and frugal so, I don’t go and do these types of things unless I have been given them as a gift (with the exception of the occasional pedicure with my daughter).

Speaking of hobbies that older folks are usually into—there’s gardening. No, I’m not a gardener at all, although my mama was an avid one with a green thumb! I can barely keep potted plants alive for more than a couple weeks (sometimes days)! And, I don’t enjoy working outside in the heat and humidity—and then there’s the dirt! I do, however, love to see colorful plants and flowers outside my window or when I’m sitting on my porch or patio. I love to look at and enjoy their beauty. So, another great Mother’s Day gift idea is a garden or yard refresh, or maybe a newly designed flower bed area. I actually think my husband is already on the case with this one and is working with our landscaper friend to put in a butterfly garden outside my kitchen window—I’m thrilled!

Something that truly blesses my heart and soul is my children’s heartfelt expressions of love written in the many cards and notes they have given me over the years. I have saved them all—from the sweet “I love you” pictures scribbled in crayon, to the grown up notes of appreciation and gratitude. I have some of them tucked away in the Bible that I carry to church each week and others in a special keepsake box. It’s funny, we don’t often feel that love and appreciation from our kids, especially during the middle school and teen years, but some day, mama, you will hear the love in your grown child’s heart after they’ve lived a little bit of life on their own and hand you a birthday card filled with heartfelt words of appreciation for the way you loved and supported them. It is awesome.

Well, I will now wait and see which kid will read this post and become the new favorite. In the meantime, maybe you have gotten a fresh idea or two for something you might like to receive for Mother’s Day this year. I’d love to hear your comments as to what gifts you enjoy receiving.

And, as all mothers know, the greatest gift is spending time with our children, eating together, playing games, talking about life, just hanging out. That never grows old.

Praying that you will get some time to enjoy your kids—littles or bigs—this Mother’s Day, and that your sweet husband will not buy you a hummingbird helmet.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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I am a southern wife and mom who loves reading, music, studying the Bible, and playing a game of tennis now and then. I also enjoy spending time at the beach and have amassed quite a seashell collection. I love all things southern: sweet tea, magnolia trees, comfort food and entertaining. I live in awe of what my Savior has done for me and desire to share spiritual encouragement with others.
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