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Loving Life and Loving God: Counting the Cost.

  I do love my life. I love that I have a comfy home in which to live. I love that I can go and buy things that aren’t just necessities. I love that my children are healthy and happy. … Continue reading

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A Glimpse of God’s Blessing

We’ve just returned from an amazing trip to Japan where our son serves in the Navy. We flew halfway around the world for one reason and one reason only–to meet our first grandchild! The feeling of holding him for the first … Continue reading

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Marriage Basics: Choosing to Love Your Spouse

    Marriage is challenging. Take two people whose genders make them different by nature, stir in unique personalities, the needs of children in the family, the pressures of extended family, and the stress of difficult circumstances, and you have … Continue reading

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Raising Humble Kids in a Selfie Society

  If you’re a parent of teens or have ever been on social media then you’ve seen it–the epitome of teenage self-glorification, better known as, the selfie. Young women– in overdone make-up, pouty faces, provocative poses– not so subtly fishing for compliments. Teenage (and … Continue reading

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Equipping Our Children for Future Marriage Success

When our children are small, we parents do our best to teach them good habits and to develop positive character traits– though most of us would admit we sometimes take our eye off the ball and fall back into “getting … Continue reading

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