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Leadership, Integrity, and Vision: The Dad all Moms Want for Their Children

  There is no dispute that dads have a profound and lasting impact on their children. The only question is, whether that impact will be positive or negative. As moms, we want you to make an impression on our kidsĀ in … Continue reading

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My Daddy and His Pocketknife

  My daddy always carried a pocket knife. No true southerner (nor midwestern country boy, which my father was until he moved south) would leave home without it. During my growing-up years, I saw that pocketknife called into action more … Continue reading

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Being There (In honor of the best Daddy I know)

  He’s been there for the basketball, football, volleyball and softball games. The soccer and tennis matches. The band concerts, recitals, and awards nights. For years… Always encouraging. Always supporting. Always applauding. Always there. He’s been there for dinner and … Continue reading

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