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Celebrating Motherhood

I was recently asked to say a few words at a luncheon celebrating motherhood at my church. It was a beautiful time with several moms of all ages and stages sharing thoughts and encouragement on motherhood. I was asked to … Continue reading

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She’s a Daughter of the King

My daughter. When I look into her face I see glimpses of myself, so many years ago. But yet, she is her own person. A face full of joy and possibilities—loving life, drawing people in with her contagious smile and … Continue reading

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Protecting the Birds in Your Nest

Yesterday, my husband and I discovered a pair of Carolina wrens had begun building a nest in a watering can on our back patio. We watched off and on all day as the wrens worked tirelessly bringing twigs, straw and … Continue reading

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Post-Mom Life and the Search for Significance

  I recently slid quietly into a new decade of life—one where I get discounts on Tuesdays at certain department stores, receive targeted ads for wrinkle creams on my computer, and qualify to go on the church bus to the … Continue reading

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Time to Land That Helicopter: The Changing Role of Parents When Their Children Marry

I have loved being a mom. It has truly been my most fulfilling role in life. Of course, I have had other roles over the years. I’ve been a wife, daughter, granddaughter, elementary teacher, volunteer, Bible study leader, VBS worker … Continue reading

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