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Apathy: The Scourge of Modern Christian Culture

  Dear fellow Christian, Are you excited about the things of God? Are you actively searching for those you can touch with God’s love and message? Do you itch with anticipation as you look forward to spending time devouring God’s … Continue reading

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Psychology 4000 BC? Modern Psychology vs the Bible

  My middle son is studying sports psychology at college and he is passionate about it. He is an athlete and an intellectual, so sports psychology is a very good fit for him. When he is home on break or … Continue reading

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Jesus is Coming Again, Don’t Be Left Behind!

Things have gotten really bad around here. As a human race, we applaud sin, idolize athletes and celebrities, and wantonly engage in life-altering habits. We follow false gods, such as: money, success, leisure and fame. And many literally worship evil spirits. … Continue reading

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Seize the Moment…Speak Life

  I love my hairdresser. She’s a Jesus girl. She and I often talk about spiritual things as we share what is happening in our lives. My hairdresser is one of the many people with whom I interact on a … Continue reading

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Finding God in the Silence: Why women need time for reflection

  Did you know the average person experiences only 10 minutes a day of total silence? And many others much less than that. The world clamors for our attention via our cell phones, laptops, radios and televisions. It screams at us in traffic … Continue reading

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